Tuesday, June 03, 2014

CTO of Shots on Core Technology, Culture and Working on the greatest App in the World

MySQL has opened a lot of avenues and opportunities for me. I am the CTO of Shots and I got here because I was a mySQL DBA, who can code in a variety of languages, understand data access, layout and design fast backends that scales to well over 100 million users, manage a team, give back to the community and prove myself through constant good work. Plus I've made every single mistake, so I know what not to do.

At Shots we of course use Percona XTRA DB 5.6, with Memcache, Redis, ElasticSearch, HAProxy, FluentD with Logstash plugins, Ruby, PHP 5.4, Go, Java, Erlang and AWS which are managed via a custom CHEF build. We use chef server like chef solo :)

In four months we grabbed over 1 million ACTIVE users all on IOS, which are mainly from US, UK, Australia, Canada and Brazil. We are able to handle Justin Bieber's traffic that is insane. Currently we have no downtime (yet, always plan for downtime). We Moved DC to AWS us-west-1, and S3 from S3-east crappy to S3 west. We grow organically, and are at the cusp of hitting our hockey stick growth, all on 12 Servers currently :)

There are 4 of us. Everything described here is what I handle, yet I say "we" throughout the description of this post and this is a good segway for our culture. As a team we build for our consumers, our Shotties, a positive, bully free, app that works across all platforms to keep humans interacting with humans and not all the other cruft you find on social networks. Team and Community Focus is our culture, with the confidence to build the best App in the world.

It's a photo status update or better known as a selfie app, which everyone from Shaq, King Bach, Justin Bieber to Floyd Money Mayweather and many others are using. Its cool to have these folks but we are not building a platform for just them we are building a platform for you. For the Teens who are different and like Cosplay, for the teen that loves Bieber, for the person who wants to remember the moment, for you.

I invite you all to use it. I invite you or for you to ask your friends if they would like to join us because now I am hiring an IOS and Andriod Dev. If you or they want to work for a startup, be apart of something cool with the purpose of changing the world and the way we interact with one another online, join us. The requirements are live in the Bay Area, can code and want to make a change :)

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