Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In China and Spreading mySQL/MariaDB/XtraDB Ganglia, GearmanD, Memcache, MongoDB, HAProxy, Nginx, PHP, Python

I am currently in Beijing for a month as the VP of Technology for Fun+, a US/China based gaming company, spreading the joys of open-source  I have an entire team to do benchmarks, study INNODB flushing, build new technologies, which I hope to open-source  I will also post the results here. Our Stack is mostly on AWS with the following.

HA Proxy Load Balances the Web Tier
Web-Tier runs nginX and php-frm
Data is stored in a new Sharded mySQL layer, Gift platform is on MongoDB
Memcache is used to cache frequently accessed items to give state to our stateless Web-tier and reduce DB load, although we can run without it.

What I am focusing on is

When to cache and not to Cache
How to get the most out of mySQL and MongoDB especially on Index Design
Tools for DevOps by DevOps
Reducing cost

I hope to have a lot of information to share in the next couple of weeks.

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