Monday, April 18, 2011

Operations is the corner stone of a Web company

Operations defined as the guys/gals who deal with servers have many different names. They are called Dev OPS, Sysadmins, System Engineers, Capacity Planners, Server Monkey (if you are a jerk), DBA, the guy in the corner with an Anarchy Symbol on his Shirt etc.

OPS is the front line defense and Cavalry. They know more about the system then the developer who installed software on OPS managed servers. Because they see the crash happen in the wild. One word of advice, your organization is going to die if you piss off the guy with ROOT access. If you don't know what that is - you really really need to be nice to OPS.

I have been at many layers of a company. I've been QA, Lab Tech, System Tuner, Server Installer, Web Developer, Software Engineer, DBA, Director of Engineering, Chief Architect, Business interface, yet I am just the dude that can get stuff done with the help of the people around me.

In many places I have seen ops treated, as Second Class Citizens-this is where I step in. I pride myself as being a member of OPS. I pride myself, as being a member of DEV but what I really pride myself in is being the Dude that is the bridge between OPS and DEV. The guy that says hey dude this is your 5th Custom Server type your messing with OPS puppet profile, can we standardize? The guy that will consolidate underutilized servers when OPS let’s me know or when I catch it myself. I am the guy that does what OPS want when OPS wants it done. The guy that looks at the same charts that OPS looks at to find what's broken. The guy that suggests in Engineering meetings which excludes OPS to include OPS. I am also the guy that suggests DEVs should be on call as well as OPS.

Value OPS! They are on your team, and if they do not look busy that means they are really good, DEVs and OPS is jelling and your team is going to WIN! If your OPS team is not happy make them because do you know how to log into the power strip and bounce the rack?


Lois Garcia said...

Thank you, Dathan.

Sarco said...

Wow; I don't quite know where to begin... I... value what you wrote here, bar none.

Artem Veremey said...

100% agree Dathan.