Thursday, March 24, 2011

Left RockYou to do new things

I decided to leave Rockyou because after three years of working on the Facebook platform, Reach Applications, Viral Loops, Games, Scaling, and Management. Being a Director of Engineering was cool yet management decayed my skills as a system builder-ideally in the future I can find a good balance between coding which I love and management of a process. Since I focused on management, it's like being a C++ programmer for years; this programmer does not code for a while and then is asked to build an optimal hash table within a few days. This programmer knows if he/she was in the thick of things as a Coder he/she could do it. Since he/she is rusty it will take he/she much longer. This suddenly became apparent as I was asked softball questions and I did not answer them quickly enough. Fortunately I am taxing my skills and as a result they are flooding back. My mojo is here. I am learning new things and one thing I can say is JQUERY is awesome.

To my past co-workers, friends, Rockyou family I deeply honored of our time together. We built some amazing things. Even at one point in time we surpassed Facebook in Daily and Monthly Uniques! Rockyou has a world class OPS organization that was pivotal in keeping 99.999% uptime. My team, which was the bridge between operations and development one word I can use to describe them: AWESOME.

Now for the next things I will focus on. I was going to be a speaker at Collaborate 2011 in Florida but I cannot speak now since I do not work for Rockyou as they where going to sponsor my trip to Collaborate; thus I will post what I was going to talk about:

  • How one person can manage hundreds of mySQL servers doing 400K TPS combined

Future posts:

  • Building a Fast Feed

  • Long Polling and controlling the effects on your backend systems

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