Monday, June 07, 2010

Review of High Availability MySQL Cookbook by Packt Publishing

A few months ago, I reviewed MySQL Admin Cookbook. Today I am reviewing High Availability MySQL Cookbook from Packt Publishing by Alex Davies. Overall, I found the book to contain some good hidden Gems.

The book is a mixture of MySQL Cluster (NDB), Replication schemes, some performance tuning, some minor kernel tweaking, and some more exotic approaches to common High Availability problems. Overall, I found this book very informative and a good read.
Now the specifics, the book starts out on NDB and stays focused on this fact for about 60% of the book. The next 20% is on mySQL replication then about 10% of the book is on tweaking kernel, mysql, network settings to get the most out of the system. The last 10% is a mixture of uses of exotic systems such as GFS, Conga, ISCSI and how to use these shared storage techs with mySQL.

High Availability MySQL Cookbook, is a good read, and jogged my memory on NDB (since I do not use it on a day-to-day basis). If you are looking for a good reference on how to get an HA system up then this is a good book for you. If you are looking for why to use NDB over mySQL multi-master replication, this is not a book for you. The “why-to-use-this-over-that” is not the scope of the book. The drawbacks and concerns of what technology to use are not a focus of this book, and should not be. It is assumed that the reader knows which direction to go into for the most part or gives the reader enough information to set up and environment to see which way to go.

In conclusion, I like this book. I think it is rather concise, and right to the point, which either gets you started into building HA systems or gives you a good reference for an existing HA environment.

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