Monday, February 09, 2009

Speaking at Mysql Conf 2009: Architecture and Technology, Cloud Computing, LAMP, Replication and Scale-Out

I'll be going into detail what is Sharding, how to Shard, pitfalls of Sharding, performance/throughput gains, shard roles, and performance scaling in general. I hope to make this the most comprehensive talk to date on the subject in 45 min.

The topic is called Scaling a Widget Company. I'll detail how I setup the data layer for Rockyou. How many transactions per second Rockyou is at, what the infrastructure is comprised of, how 99.999% uptime is achieved and hopefully get into BCP which I probably will not have time to go over.

If you want me to focus on specific aspects on the subject of shard'ing let me know and I will :).


Camila said...

Hi Dathan,
i´ll be at mysql conference and i have some issues i´d like y to address, if possible:
-what´s the minimum db size to start sharding
-how to distribute data between shards in a balanced way

thank y!

Dathan said...


Thankyou for your comments, I'm make sure to focus on these requests.