Tuesday, April 22, 2008

mySQL uc2008 presentation


Raymond Lee said...

Hi ,

I oracle dba, and studying mysql right now.

Thank you for blogging on mysql at least there is place of me to read more..

i also setup my own blog at http://jessiray.homedns.org/wordpress.

feel free to comment.

btw if i plan to take the exam , what will be your advice to me?

veganloveburger said...

This was a great presentation Dathan, thanks for putting the slides up! I'm going to be working on something like this for the first time at my new job, and it's awesome to be able to show this to our product folks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dathan

I was curious how do you handle the situation when buffering writes if the Java App has some items in the queue that needs to be written to buffer and the machine just dies? Are those items queued to disk as well?

Dathan said...

Nope they are lost, but the front end will send writes to a new location so no more data is lost.

One could add a disk sync with min. effort but working on other things was more important at the time.

Anonymous said...



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