Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What would you like me to write about?


darkthroat said...
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Andi said...

Would be great if you write something about good select statements and pattern search in big tables. interesting points are:

- fulltext search
- how to sort by relevance
- what is better? joins or several statements
- how to create select statements by query string in PHP or Java - eg exploding string by whitespace or considering brackets and "..."
- techniques to optimize select statements
- techniques to optimize tables (splitting, indices, etc)

i think many mysql coders will be interested in this topic.


sminkybang.com said...

All MySQL given the context I suppose:

Any scripts/configs for monitoring/start-up/recovery? (I seem to remember slaves self-firewalling when they lag significantly mentioned at Flickr...)

Any "gotchas" to avoid with master<->master, federation, sharding?

Any recommended OS settings for standalone DB servers?

What's your recommended DBA toolset? Command line MySQL client? PHPMyAdmin? custom Perl/PHP/python scripts? a GUI?

Thanks for any of the above in advance :)

Dathan said...

ok I'll write some stuff on

table layout
optimize tables
scripts for monitoring
DBA toolset

Anonymous said...

olap, datawarehouse

Anonymous said...

Some topics:

- optimize searchs
- diference between myisam and innodb
- better table layout

Anonymous said...

please write about how to achieve automatic failover (+ sync repl?). is cluster the only way? How reliable is it? issues with it, etc. thanks!

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