Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MySQL support == AWSOME

Well, none of my issues have been fixed yet but MySQL support is on top of it.

I've ran into many S1 bugs: all at the same time. Support has been able to help me identify them. Some of them have proposed fixes, some fixes are being tested in

MySQL is by far the best Open source Database on the planet-support reflects that fact. I highly recommend getting a support contract to trouble shoot issues that make it into production, less learning the entire mysql code base and doing it yourself. (I know alot about the code-base but the 5 issues I am tracking was to much for me to debug alone. On top of that I don't know enough of the code base to make fixes to some of the bugs.)

If you do more then 30K selects per second across all your servers, get piece of mind that someone will do there best to address any issues that you can't figure out. Get a MySQL support contract today.


ryan said...

I have to agree -- the only time I've needed their support thus far the response was immediate and precisely tailored for our problem.

I am so used to cookie-cutter responses from proprietary software vendors, it blew me away to get a competent technician immediately address my problems and provide worthwhile solutions. Totally worth it when you've got bosses breathing down your neck.

veganloveburger said...

It's true, I've also found that MySQL Support engineers are complete rockstars. Be careful when upgrading to 5.0.54 though, this bug:


really hurt our performance when backing up/restoring smaller QA/dev databases!

Anonymous said...

"MySQL is by far the best Open source Database on the planet-support reflects that fact[...]"

You're acting like MySQL is the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes for the very first time. Grow up, look around and you won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...



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