Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Speaking at the mySQL User conference 2007

I'll be giving a talk at mysqluc2007. The talk will be entitled, Federation at Flickr: Doing Billions of Queries per day. Personally I think it's a pretty catchy title, and full of info that might be helpful for many other organizations.

I've won 2005 (1st year that they offered this award), and 2006 Application of the year award for the uses of mySQL. Three years in a row would be cool! This will be my second speaking engagement at mysql uc. The 1st one was entitled Friendster back in 2005. It says I'm a Sr. Support Engineer, I have no idea what that is, really I'm the Database (DataLayer) Architect / Database Administrator, or Technical Yahoo - in Yahoo Land. I'm not to big on titles because doing is much greater then being(tm).

Hope to see you there.


jcsuperstar said...

Rad, that is a totally snappy, happenin' title. I look forward to it!

yeled said...

great! I emailed Stewart at flickr the other day about the flickr db setup. I will be very interested in this - hopefully I can come along!