Friday, December 15, 2006

INNODB Performance bug will not be fixed in 4.x Community Edition

This bug 15815 a huge problem in thread handling with INNODB-will not be available for the Community Edition. Here are your options:

  1. Upgrade to 5.0

  2. Get a support contract that enables the Enterprise Edition

  3. Hope that pressure from the community will push MySQL to giving this patch to the masses

What sort of compensation would MySQL need to allow this patch into the community edition?

Getting everyone to use 5.0 is good for MySQL, maintaining what 5 versions of mySQL must suck. Also to keep this product alive, it takes money and talented engineers that need money too! Yet, for me personally I like 4.1 so I want to be a bit selfish and get this into the 4.1 community edition :)


Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem here.
InnoDB patching is complex and requires interaction with Oracle (as you can see from the bug report), MySQL 4 is an old release and, last but not least, money must be squeezed out somehow.
The real question is, if you need InnoDB like features and completely free software, why are you running mysql at all? There are other excellent OS databases around

benjamin said...

If there is a functionally and performance equivalent ACID compliant alternative, please tell us all about it and share some benchmarks. A lot of people will be interested. :)

Patching is not so complex, but testing is.

4.1 CE should probably be patched simply due to the severe nature of the problem and the prevalence of dual-core cpu's. That's just my opinion.

That said, anyone running it in production for a commercial purpose ought to be paying for an EE support license, period, IMO. ;-)

Sheeri said...

Enterprise licenses aren't that expensive, and it's not like they'll bind you into a multi-year agreement.

The lifecycle policy is at:

And it's pretty standard -- only working on 2 major versions at a time. This isn't a critical security fix, so it doesn't go into 4.1.

There's a blog post about how MySQL is releasing versions really fast and we're not used to it yet, and that's why this is such an issue. 5.0 came out in Oct. 2005 and here it is a year later the preferred version. OK, that sounds dumb....but most people wouldn't even think of upgrading for 6 months, when the kinks have been worked out, and so basically those folks have only had 6 months of time in which to upgrade.

So even though 4.1 has been out a long time, there has only been a short time in which there was something to upgrade *to*.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's possible to scrap the patch off 5.0/5.1 release and try to backport it to 4.1 manually, but I guess it's a lot of work...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is a free horse offer. The saddle is not included. If you want that, you can choose to pay for it, buy it elsewhere or make your own.

Feel free to kick the gift horse in the mouth because it's not as nice as you'd like it to be.

Anonymous said...

Since 4.x is EOL'ed at the end of this year (in 10 days, in fact), it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for MySQL to patch performance bugs at this time.

R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

benjamin, do you want to start a flamewar?
There is plenty of blogposts and benchmarks on the web that show strengths and weaknesses of MySQL and other opensource databases like PostgreSQL and Firebird, just Google or follow sites like and

Anonymous said...



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